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Past Incidents

Wednesday 4th October 2023

Log Export API Log Fetch API (Error 500)

We were experiencing a service disruption impacting the Menlo Security logging service that started at 12:15 UTC.

The Menlo Security Product Engineering and Technical Operations teams are investigating the source of the issue. Impact: Customers are currently unable to access the Log fetch API.

  • Mitigations have been applied and TechOps engineers have confirmed that the issue is fully mitigated.

  • TechOps engineers have identified a mitigation and are working to put mitigations in place.

  • TechOps are still working to confirm the root cause of the issue. We will provide another update in 20 minutes.

  • TechOps have confirmed the scope of the issue is limited only affecting a limited number of tenants, and are working toward mitigating the underlying issue.

  • Tuesday 3rd October 2023

    No incidents reported

    Monday 2nd October 2023

    No incidents reported

    Sunday 1st October 2023

    No incidents reported

    Saturday 30th September 2023

    No incidents reported

    Friday 29th September 2023

    Web Exceptions Page freezes in the Admin UI

    UTC 16:10 Web Exceptions Page freezes in the Admin UI reporter

  • UTC 17:07 Mitigations are applied, and the functionality is restored. No further updates are expected on this issue.

  • UTC 16:45 Identified the root cause. A mitigation is being rolled out and a permanent fix is under review.

  • UTC 16:28 Issue identified. Updates in 20 minutes

  • Web Isolation URL-Based Policy exception issues

    11:04 UTC: We are currently investigating a service disruption affecting URL based exceptions on our policy service. The Menlo Security Operations team is working to identify the root cause and resolve as quickly as possible.

    Update 11:34 UTC: The Menlo Security Operations team is applying mitigation to affected regions.

    Update 13:09 UTC: Mitigation has been applied to all affected regions, there is no longer any impact.

    Thursday 28th September 2023

    Web Isolation Browsing slowness in Virginia region

    20:29 UTC

    An issue has been found and is currently under investigation.

    A networking event has been detected at our hosting provider. Oncall is investigating impact.

    Next update in 20 mins

  • 2023-09-29 06:05 UTC Mitigations were successfully cleared, and the issue is now fully resolved.

  • 22:48 UTC

    A solution has been fully rolled out and on-call teams have verified that the impact is mitigated.

    No further impact is expected.

    No further updates are expected.

  • 22:24 UTC

    On-call teams are monitoring the situation.

    Next update in 20 mins

  • 22:01 UTC On-call teams have verified a solution and are in the process of rolling it out to all impacted regions. Next update in 20 mins

  • 21:41 UTC On-call teams have identified a possible solution and are testing. Next update in 20 mins